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Welcome to the Cyprus Tax Department website.

The Tax Department was established on July 1, 2014, as a result of the integration of the Inland Revenue Department and the VAT Services, aiming to improve the efficiency of the state in managing tax laws.

The integration process has been and still is a difficult task and at the same time a great challenge both for the staff of the Department and the society as a whole.
As a unified tax department, we aim to create a modern tax authority with a new structure and procedures that will enable the effective collection of government revenue, offer better service to citizens and build the trust between taxpayers and the tax department.

With concern to the taxpayer’s best interest, we aim to improve the services provided, and increase fair treatment and transparency.
Our goal is to facilitate and encourage voluntary compliance by promoting and implementing e Governance.

In this context, we are ready to engage in such changes that strengthen our relationship with the citizens in order to gain their trust and commitment to positive tax behavior.
Welcome to the Cyprus Tax Department website.

Yiannis Tsangaris
Commissioner of Taxation

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