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Welcome to Our Website

    Η θανάτωση του μινώταυρου από τον Θησέα. Ψηφιδωτό.Welcome to THESEAS website of Cyprus Customs & Excise Department. Τheseas name has been given to all integrated and web enabled customs systems which aimed at improving efficiency of operation and simplifying official formalities and documentation.

    THESEAS includes various of modules such as: import manifest system, import declaration system, tariff-taric system, import control system (ICS), export control system (ECS), Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) etc .

THESEAS Import Declaration System THESEAS Import Declaration System XML THESEAS Import Manifest System

Excise Movement & Control System for excisable goods Export Control System- Exit Summary Declarations Import Control System - Entry Summary Declarations (ENS)

Integrated Tariff System Customs Decision Management System-Traders' Portal

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Κυβερνητική Πύλη Διαδικτύου

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