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The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that the annual report “Health and Hospital Statistics” for the year 2004 is now available.

The Report provides statistical information relating to the medical services of the public sector. It provides, inter alia, data on in-patients, surgical operations, out-patient attendances, bed-occupancy rates, information on medical, nursing and paramedical personnel, various health indicators etc.

The main developments which were recorded in 2004 compared to 2003 are:

· During 2004 57.436 patients were admitted for treatment and discharged from the
general hospitals, compared with 56.850 in 2003, recording an increase of 1,0%.
· The disease category, “Injury, poisonings and certain other consequences of external causes” has the highest share 15,5% of in-patients, followed by diseases of the circulatory system with 10,9%, the digestive system with 9,7% and the respiratory system with 9,4%.
· Surgical operations performed on in-patients recorded a decrease of 3,3% over the previous year and reached 19.789.
· Operations on the digestive system accounted for 21,5% of all operations performed on in-patients, operations on the musculoskeletal system 14,9%, on genital organs of females 13,9%, on eyes 11,7% and operations of nose, mouth and pharynx 8,7%.
· Out-patient attendances increased by 8,0% over the previous year, reaching 1.483.407, of which 67,5% represented attendances at general hospitals.
· Diseases of the circulatory system with 27,0%, endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases with 12,9% and diseases of the respiratory system with 11,6% were the main disease categories diagnosed in out-patients.
· During 2004 a total of 348.584 patients visited the Casualty Departments of the general hospitals, recording an increase of 1,3% over the previous year.
· Expenditure of health services during 2004 is estimated at C£449,2 mn of which C£214,6 mn represented expenditure of the public sector and C£234,6 mn of the private sector. The share of expenditure as a percent to G.D.P increased from 5,7% in 1998 to 6,2% in 2004.
· Health Indicators
On the basis of available data for the public and private sector, the following health indicators were calculated in 2004:
375 persons per doctor, whilst the corresponding indicator for 2003 was 384 persons per doctor and 483 for 1990.
227 persons per nurse, whilst the corresponding indicator for 2003 was 235 persons per nurse and 234 for 1990.
240 persons per hospital bed, whilst the corresponding indicator for 2003 was 234 persons per hospital bed and 170 for 1990.
Expectation of life at birth for the period 2002-2003 was 77,0 years for men and 81,4 years for women.

The Report can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Statistical Service. The paper publication will later be available from the Government Printing Office in Lefkosia at the price of £8,00.

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