Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Approval by the Council of Ministers of the Five Year Programme of Statistical Surveys and Activities for the Period 2013-2017

The Council of Ministers, in its meeting on 19 December 2012, approved the five-year Programme of Statistical Surveys and Activities for the period 2013-2017, prepared by the Statistical Service in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Law No. 15 (I) / 2000.

The Programme of Statistical Surveys and Activities 2013-2017 contains the main surveys and activities foreseen to be carried out by the Statistical Service. For each activity, a brief description of the purpose, the frequency and the time of conduct, the publication of the results and other useful information are provided.

Indicatively, here are mentioned some of the scheduled surveys for the five-year period, in addition to the already established annual and monthly surveys and activities:
Survey on Vocational Training, Survey on Earnings, Survey on Labour Cost, Health Survey, Household Budget Survey, Survey on Energy Consumption in Households, Survey on Careers of Doctorate Holders etc.

The programme includes all activities provided for by Regulations, Directives and Decisions of the European Union, which are estimated at more than 80% of the total workload of the Statistical Service.

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