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19/10/2018European Statistics Competition 2018-2019

18/10/2018European Statistics Day – 20 October 2018

13/09/2018Five-year Programme of Statistical Surveys and Activities 2018-2022

28/05/2018Cyprus Second in the European Statistics Competition

08/05/2018Europe Day, 9 May 2018

03/05/2018European Statistics Competition, National Phase – Award Ceremony

02/01/2018Appointment of New Director of the Statistical Service

27/12/2017New Electronic Publication: Statistical Abstract, 2016

27/12/2017New Publication: Cyprus in Figures, 2017

20/10/2017European Statistics Competition 2017-2018

17/10/2017European Statistics Day – 20 October 2017

09/05/2017Acting Director in CYSTAT

09/05/2017The European Union towards 2020

28/12/2016New Electronic Publication: Statistical Abstract, 2015

22/12/2016New Publication: Cyprus in Figures, 2016

08/12/2016New Publication: Cyprus in the EU Scale, 2016

21/02/2013Approval by the Council of Ministers of the Five Year Programme of Statistical Surveys and Activities for the Period 2013-2017

08/10/2012CYSTAT awarded the “Innovation award 2011 for the public sector”

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