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Welcome to the webspace of the Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) of the Cypriot Ministry of Finance.

In our webpage you can find information on the mission and competences of the PDMO at the Ministry of Finance in relation to public debt management, the legislation in force, relevant announcements and quantitative data.

For any comments, suggestions or questions, you can use the following e-mail address: pdm[at]

Latest News
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Arrow Icon 29/09/17 - Specific Terms for Retail Bond series 11-2017 more...
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Arrow Icon 02/10/17 - Auction results 13-week Treasury Bills
Arrow Icon 28/08/17 - Auction results 13-week TBills
Arrow Icon 08/06/17 - Cyprus EMTN Offering Circular 06-2017 more...
Arrow Icon 21/06/17 - Press Release on 7-year EMTN issuance
Arrow Icon 17/05/17 - Treasury Bills Auction Schedule July- Dec 2017
Arrow Icon 28/04/17 - Public Debt Management Annual Report for 2016


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