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Volume I: General Demographic Characteristics   (EL, EN) - (4975,66 Kb) Volume II: Data by District, Municipality/ Community   (EL, EN) - (4999,5 Kb) Volume III: Households and Housing Units  (EL, EN) - (5155,43 Kb) Volume IV: Migration  (EL, EN) - (9935,38 Kb) Volume V: Labour Force (EL, EN) - (4056,53 Kb) CENSUS OF POPULATION 2001 - CENSUS OF POPULATION 2001, Volumes I-V (EL, EN)
Volume I includes detailed data on the general and demographic characteristics of the population resulting from the Census (such as age, sex, marital status, educational level, place of residence etc.). Volume II provides a detailed analysis of the housing units, households, institutions and population enumerated in the Census, by district, municipality/community and quarter. Volume III presents statistics on living quarters, occupied and unoccupied, the type of building, the size and amenities of dwellings, the tenure status, the rent, the type and size of households by district and urban/rural. Volume IV presents statistics on internal migrants, on migrants from abroad and on foreign citizens usual residents of Cyprus. Volume V provides data on the labour force, persons employed and unemployed, by district and urban/rural area. The price of Volume I, II, III and IV is €17 and for Volume V is €11,50.
Date of Release: 17/02/2004   Category: Censuses

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