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Help Desk

The Help Desk accommodates all the essential tools and the necessary workforce, to support, from a single central point, all the computer users of the Civil Service, in terms of hardware (computers, network equipment, telecommunication connections, etc) and system software. The Central Help Desk receives, registers/log, manages and solves problems, either through a Call Centre or online, via an intranet application form.

Beyond the problems that will be raised by the computer users themselves, the System has the ability to detect and log automatically any equipment (computers, network equipment, peripherals) malfunctions and telecommunication problems. These types of problems will, either automatically be referred to the Government Officer in charge or to the Technical Support Team for resolution.

Furthermore, the Help Desk provides the following functionality/facilities:
(a) Remote Take Over of a Computer.
(b) Remote Software Distribution.
(c) Automatic Hardware/Software Inventory.

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