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Republic of Cyprus
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Government Data Warehouse

Government Data Warehouse
The objective of the Data Warehouse (central repository of data) is to enable easy access to accurate, consistent and integrated government data for better and faster decision making and for statistical purposes.The Government Data Warehouse will be a single cohesive database with a subject-centric approach, in order to provide a consolidated view of Civil Service data, optimised for reporting and analysis. In particular, this database will contain selective transactions and inter-related information from all Government Information Systems, specifically structured for dynamic queries and analytics. This data will be further analysed by special Decision Support Systems, providing thus the Government executives with a global view of the Civil Service operation and the facility to effectively monitor the tendencies to various matters, to derive useful conclusions and take quick decisions, based on accurate and reliable information.

With the implementation of this project, the data of the Government Information Systems will turn into high-quality information for policy, strategy and management decision making.

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