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Electronic Government is defined as the effective usage of Information and Communications Technology in public administrations combined with organizational changes and new skills. The aim is to improve the public services in addition to enhancing the democratic procedures.

As the responsible government body for the promotion and implementation of e-government within the public sector, the Department of Information Technology Services implements the programs and the respective E.U. Action Plans. It develops electronic services always taking the public’s needs, mentality and culture into consideration.

The main aims of providing e-government services are the following:

· Access flexibility to public services by the citizen: providing services to the citizens on a 24 hour basis and not only during working hours.
· Faster customer service which is achieved through simplification of internal procedures.
· Improved quality in the information to citizens
· Transparency
· Reduction of staff for the front office since the citizen who chooses to be served through the internet does not have any contact with a public officer
· Increased satisfaction by the citizen and improvement of the public image (sense of reliability)

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