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Republic of Cyprus
Standard Horizontal Activities

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Implementation Training

CAF was first introduced in Cyprus on a pilot basis in 2004, and since 2007 it is being promoted across the whole of the public service.

In addition, a 2010 Council of Ministers Decision urged public service organisations to implement CAF – i.e. to carry out organisational self-assessment according to the CAF model – at least once by the end of 2015. It is considered that this would create valuable synergies with the ongoing major CAPA project concerning the development of the strategic, leadership and management capacity of senior, middle and junior civil service managers and their organisations.

Responsibility for promoting the implementation of CAF has been assigned to PAPD, while CAPA is responsible for training and providing on-the-job support for CAF implementation teams. CAPA together with PAPD developed and are implementing a specific communication policy to promote CAF. A large number of briefings with the management teams of civil service organizations have taken place, to present and explain the model and the preconditions of its successful application. Most importantly CAPA has taken upon itself the training of self-assessment teams which will apply the CAF model in their respective organizations. Members of these teams attend a five-day workshop to learn the use of the model. Until now, 19 public service organizations have implemented CAF.

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