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Welcome to the website of the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration.

The Academy, ever since its establishment in 1991, aspires to play a leading role in efforts to develop and modernize the Cyprus civil service. The learning and research activities undertaken by CAPA, as well as its strategic initiatives in its field of competence, contribute not only to the enhancement of the knowledge and skills of civil service officers but also to the creation of appropriate conditions for promoting changes and reforms in practice. In this way, a new citizen-oriented culture is embedded in Public Administration.

In the context of an ever changing and demanding local, European and international environment, there is a growing need to intensify our efforts to enhance the management capacity of civil service organizations and develop their staff. That is why the European Union, in the context of the Lisbon Strategy, attaches such special importance to knowledge and lifelong learning.

Through this website we attempt to present the whole spectrum of CAPA’s work. More specifically, you can have access to information about:

• CAPA’s learning strategy
• Its methodological approach
• Its learning activities in Cyprus and abroad
• The EU funded projects undertaken by CAPA
• CAPA’s collaboration with similar organizations in Cyprus and abroad
• Its applied research projects
• Its publications
• Its personnel

You can also access a number of articles written by CAPA’s associates, whom we wish to thank for their important contribution to the enrichment of our website.

I believe that, navigating through this website, you will have the opportunity to acquire sufficient information and form a comprehensive view of our vision and efforts towards the cultivation of a new culture that will make Public Administration more flexible, effective and above all citizen-focused, capable of dealing successfully with the ever growing contemporary challenges.

Marios Michaelides

Head of CAPA

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