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Customs and Excise Department

1. How can I find details about CY national specifications for ΕΧS?

The specification for the electronic submission of the Exit Summary Declaration are included in the specification for the system ECS, which have been published in English and Greek language in the web page of Department of Customs and Excise: category e-Customs – e-Customs project – ECS Export Control System

2. What are the connection options offered by Cyprus for the data exchange between customs and carriers?

CY EXS system supports the following methods for the data exchange:
a. Web Forms
b. XML File upload

3. Can the Economic Operators test their system?

Economic Operators can test their systems through the testing environment. Details for the URLs address have been published in the web page of Department of Customs and Excise which is: category e-Customs – e-Customs project – ECS Export Control System- Exit Summary Declaration EXS. In order to have testing credentials for login into the system you can send email to the CY helpdesk :

4. Do you have a technical certification process for the data exchange between Customs and Economic Operators?

No there isn’t any certification process, introduced by CY government. Systems can be checked through Testing Environment.

5. What is the Format of MRN for the CY- EXS system?

According to specifications MRN must be a 18 – digit code like it shown in the example above:
10-CY-000410-2-000001-5. The first two digits represent the year e.g. 10, the next two represent the country e.g. CY, the next 13 characters are the unique identifier for import movement per year and country and the last character is the check digit.
6. How can we identify in which system the MRN belongs (NCTS, ECS and ICS)?

A method for identification of MRN will be implemented for the systems. More specific in the 11th digit of MRN will be included number 1 for NCTS, 2 for ECS-EXS and 3 for ICS.

7. What is the registration procedure in the testing and production System?
The registration procedure for Testing Environment can be done with a request from the interested party, at the e-mail:
The registration procedure for Production environment will be described in a detailed document and will be published soon in Website address that is mentioned in answer 4.

8. Who is the contact person for queries regarding EXS

Details for contact person has been published in Website address as mentioned in answer 1.

9. Which is the procedure in case that system EXS is down.

DG-Taxud has worked out the document Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in order to allow the continuity of activities in case of failure of the IT Systems.The document which includes procedures and scenarios has been published in our Website address as mentioned in answer 1.

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