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Customs and Excise Department

1. Introductory
According to the law, the importation and exportation of certain goods is prohibited or restricted. Restrictions usually refer to the need for securing the authority or inspection from the appropriate Government Department. The aim of prohibitions and restrictions is the protection of society and the perpetuation of a safe environment. More specifically, such prohibitions and restrictions are essential for the safeguard of social ethics, order and security, protection of public health or the health of animals or the protection of plant-life, the protection of industrial and commercial property, archaeological treasures, cultural artefacts and others. The following are lists of prohibitions and restrictions, which passengers may carry with them. Be it noted that the lists are not exhaustive.

For further information, interested people are advised to contact Customs Headquarters (tel. no. 22601679 & 22601652, fax no. 22602769) or the competent authorities or services.

2. Import prohibitions
The following import prohibitions apply:

  • narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and other controlled pharmaceuticals;
  • obscene matters and objects, such as videocassettes, DVD’s, films, books, magazines etc.;
  • flick and double edged knives;
  • counterfeit and pirated goods;
  • nuclear, chemical, toxic, biological weapons and similar substances;
  • goods used for illegal hunting of game;
  • counterfeit bank notes;
  • firearms and weapons other than firearms, such as military explosive devices and projectile launchers, automatic firearms, ammunition, long-barrel semi-automatic or repeating firearms, in accordance with the First Annex of the “Firearms and Weapons Other Than Firearms Law” no. 113(I) of 2004;
  • goods or materials which do not conform with a certain Cyprus standard;
  • goods shipped or originating from countries under an embargo from the United Nations Security Council and the European Union, such as Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan;
  • lottery tickets (other than those imported under licence by the Minister of Finance);
  • gambling machines, such as poker machines, crane etc.;
  • automatic tobacco vending machines (cigarettes, cigars, etc);
  • consumer goods which are imitation foodstuffs.
  • Cross-border distance sales to consumers of electronic cigarettes, except for dealers (for commercial purposes).
  • Cross-border distance sales to consumers of tobacco products, except for dealers (for commercial purposes).
  • Cross-border distance sales to consumers of refill containers of the electronic cigarettes, except for dealers (for commercial purposes). Note: According to article 2(17) of the Directive 2014/40/EU, ‘refill container’ means a receptacle that contains a nicotine - containing liquid, which can be used to refill an electronic cigarette;
  • Distance purchase of firearms, non-firearms and collective guns, parts thereof and ammunition, except for dealers (for commercial purposes). “

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