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Customs and Excise Department

Cyprus legislation, either by specific local laws or by international treaties and conventions that Cyprus has signed up to and ratified, recognizes certifications of signatures as follows:

In Cyprus

Certifications made by the Authorized Certifying Officers.

In any other Country

Certifications made by:

  • Any consular officer of the Republic of Cyprus or by
  • The authorities of other states which under International Treaties and Conventions to which Cyprus is signatory, are competent in such matters. Such Treaties are:
    1. Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents of 5th October 1961-Law 50/72 and 91/72.

    In Cyprus the competent authority in matters relating to this Convention is the Ministry of Justice. This certification is type APOSTILE.

    2. Treaty on Legal Co-operation between the Cyprus Republic and the Hellenic Republic on matters on civil, family, commercial and criminal law-Law 55/84.

    Under this Treaty, the Republic of Cyprus accepts all signatures certified by any public or officer of any police department in Greece. Also become acceptable certification from citizen’s service centers of ministry of Interior in Greece.

    3. European Convention Abolishing the Legalization of Documents issued by Diplomatic Representatives or Consular Officers. Law 6/69. Under this Convention the Republic of Cyprus accepts all signatures certified in any country by consular officers of any state, member of the European Union.

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