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Customs and Excise Department

ECS System enables Economic Operators to submit electronically Declarations which are required according to the provisions of the Legislation for exports and re-exports, i.e the Community Customs Code (Reg. no 2913/92/EEC as it has been amended by Reg. no 648/05/EC) and the Implementing Provisions (Reg. no 2454/93/EEC as it has been amended by Reg. no 1875/06/EC, 312/09/EC, 414/09/EC and 430/10/EC).

As from the 1st of January 2011 (taking into consideration the end of the transitional period that was introduced by Reg. no 273/09/EC,) the Economic Operators are obliged to submit the Safety & Security data for goods leaving the EU Customs Territory.

The Safety & Security data should be submitted as follows:

  • with the Customs Export Declaration, when such a declaration is required.
  • with the Exit Summary Declaration (EXS), when no Customs Export Declaration is required.

ECS system supports the exchange of messages between Economic Operators and Customs Administrations as well as between Member States, in cases where more than one Member State’s Customs offices are involved in an export operation.

ECS system aims to facilitate the trade between the economic operators of the European Union and the third Countries and also to improve the safety and security of exported goods.

For more information regarding safety and security amendments to the Community Customs Code visit EU website:

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