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Customs and Excise Department

Since 1 October 2019, the European Union has set up the European Binding Tariff Information System (EBTI) as a tool to help economic operators know the correct tariff classification of goods they intend to import or export.

Through this system, economic operators can submit electronically the application for the issuance of Binding Tariff Information (BTI).

It is clarified that as from the above date, the electronic submission of BTI applications has become mandatory and no longer submitted paper applications are accepted.

Applications are submitted through the EU Trader Portal, which is the access point for economic operators. Click here to enter the EU Trader Portal.

The EU Trader Portal is connected to the Central Binding Tariff Information System (EBTI Central System - EBTI3) where BTI applications and decisions are handled by the customs authorities. Economic operators are therefore able to be informed of the status and various stages of the application, send information to the customs authorities, store information and finally receive the BTI decision.

Access to the EU Trader Portal is required for economic operators who:
- wish to apply for a BTI;
- already have a BTI decision;
- act as representatives of a company that wish to apply for a BTI, holds a BTI decision or has applied for a BTI.

Information regarding EU Trader Portal can be found here. Please be informed that access to the EU Trader Portal can achieved using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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