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Customs and Excise Department

You are hereby informed that from June 1, 2020, the INF electronic system is going to be implemented. The INF system will be used to exchange information between Customs Offices of one or more Member States and between Economic Operators and Customs Authorities involved in the use of the above system, in the following cases:

    a. Inward Processing (IP) EX / IM or Outward Processing (OP) EX/IM that includes one or more Member States or,

    b. Inward Processing (IP) IM / EX* or Outward Processing IM / EX which includes more than one Member State,

    c. Inward Processing IP IM / EX when the competent customs authority has requested information and concerns only one Member State.

Using this system, the Customs Offices involved can receive and process information to control:
    • The correctness of import duty, as calculated based on article 86 (3) of the UCC (cases of IP IM / EX),
    • The correctness of import duty in the cases of OP EX / IM (even when only one Member State is involved),
    • Exemptions provided from the payment of import duty, in cases of IP ΕΧ / ΙΜ and ΟΡ ΕΧ / ΙΜ (even when only one Member State is involved),
    • Trade policy measures to be implemented,
    • The time and place of delivery of goods, the applicable measures of verification of the identity of the status of processed products when there is intention to be imported into another Customs Office including equivalent goods exported in advance (IP EX / IM) even when only one Member State is involved, or are imported in advance (OR IM / EX) and more than one Member States are involved.
Legal framework for the implementation of INF system

The above-mentioned system has been created and is being implemented according to:

  • Article 6 (1) of Union Customs Code (UCC) which obliges the use of electronic data processing techniques for the exchange and retention of information between customs authorities and between economic operators and customs authorities,
  • Article 16 of UCC, which states that Member States shall cooperate with the Commission on the creation, maintenance and use of electronic systems for the exchange and maintenance of information between the customs authorities and the Commission,
  • Articles 176 and 181 DA which state that the data for the exchange of INF information are set out in Annex 71-05 DA and apply to the above cases (a) and (b),
  • Article 271 IA which refers to the use of INF system for both cases and in addition, in the case of inward processing IP IM / EX when the competent customs authority has requested information and concerns only one Member State.

Access to the INF System

Access to the INF System can be achieved through the EU Trader Portal, which is the access point for economic operators: URL: For conformance testing:

More Information

Guidelines for the registration process for access to the INF System [circular EE 'Θ'(177)]-only in greek,

General Information and documentation about the system on EU website

User guide of the system INF for traders

tel. 1003 INF - Application for obtaining access to UCC special procedures INF system.

Information and training material can be found below.

Related Attachments:

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