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Customs and Excise Department

 Customs and Excise Department

bullet1 Our Department

History of Customs & Excise
About us
Mission statement
Code of ethics
Cyprus Customs & Excise E- Museum
Strategic Plan
Organizational Structure
Where we are
Senior Customs & Excise Staff

Customs & Excise Offices

bullet1 Information for Business and Trade

Authorised Economic Operarors (AEO)


Contact persons regarding Customs Procedures with economic Impact

Customs post clearance and audit control

customs warehousing

Excise duties

Free Zones

Goods which infringe intellectual property rights

Import duties

Infosheet - Reporting of Product Movements

International business companies (Offshore companies)

Inward Processing Relief

Outward Processing Relief

Postal items & private couriers

Prohibitions and restrictions

Risk management

Temporary Importation

Traceability and Security features of tobacco products

Traders' rights

VAT on importation

Restrictions on importation
Harmonised system
Restrictions on exportation
Prohibitions on exportation
Prohibitions on importation

bullet1 Tariff

bullet1 eCustoms

Office of Lodgement
ICS-Explanatory notes-annex 30A
Technical specifications for the Economic Operators -ICS
EORI number valitation
Frequently asked questions for ICS
Registration Procedure for obtaining access in ICS
Exit Summary Declaration (EXS)
Older version of documents
Fallback Procedures
Fallback procedures
Functional specifications -ECS
Older version of documents ICS
Code list for ICS messages
Guidelines ECS
Contact us -ECS
Contact us-EORI
ICS production environment
Guidelines -ICS
Technical Specifications for the Economic Operators -ECS
ICS pilot system (testing environment)
Functional Specifications -ICS
Codes for completion of SAD-ECS
Customs Decisions Guides for EU official users of CDMS
Customs Forms EORI
Contact us --ICS
CY National procedure for EORI registration

Proper authority for the certification of signatures
Error Message IE316
Frequently Asked Questions for EXS
EXS Production Environment
Code list for EXS messages
Registration Procedure for obtaining access in EXS
EXS pilot system (testing environment)
Contact for EXS

Proper authority for the certification of signatures

bullet1 Legislation

European Union Customs Legislation

National Customs Legislation

Combined Nomenclature, Common Customs Tariff and Integrated Tariff (Taric)
Other Regulations, Decisions, Directives, other documents
Other european union legislation
Modernised Community Custom Code (Council Reg. 450/2008/EC) -Repealed 1/5/2016
Excise Duties Legislation
Union Customs Legislation- Reg. (EU) no. 952/2013 as from 1/5/2016
Community Customs Code (Reg. 2913/92/EEC) and provisions for its implementation (Reg. 2454/1993/EEC) -Repealed 1/5/2016

Intellectual Property Rights
Checking points -Green Line
Other Secondary Legislation
Import controls

bullet1 Cyprus - European Union



Leaflets & other informative material (posters, leaflets, videos)
New proposed Intellectual Property Rights Regulation
Νew proposed Directive for the taxation of Energy products and Electricity
Customs at your service
Customs protects ...
Communication campaign for the 40 years of European Customs Union
Communication campaign for the 40 years of European Customs Union

bullet1 Announcements

bullet1 Information for Passengers and Public

Enforcing your rights
Green Line - Crossing points regulations
Prohibitions & restrictions
V.A.T. on exportation
V.A.T. on importation

Transfer of normal residence
Incoming \ Outgoing - Cash Control

Goods exported by passengers
Channel system and concessions
Cash Control

bullet1 Common Agricultural Policy

Export Refunds
Important Regulation in relation to CAP

Refund Rates Per Product Sector
Products Covered by CAP
Common Market Organisations

Important Regulations in Relation to CAP
Refund Rates for Fruits and Vegetables
Refund Rates for Beef and Veal
Common Market Organisations
Refund Rates for Pig Meat
Refund Rates for Rice and Broken Rice
Refund Rates for Products processed from cereals
Refund Rates for Syrups and Other Sugar Products
Refund Rates for Olive oil
Refund Rates for Cereals and Wheat or Rye Flour Groats or Meal
Refund Rates for Wine
Export Refunds on Non-Annex Goods-Sugar Products
Export Refunds on Non-Annex Goods-Eggs and Egg Yolks
Refund Rates for Poultry Meat
Refund Rates for Cereal-Based Compound Feeding Stuffs
Refund Rates for White and Raw Sugar Without Further Processing
Important Regulations in Relation to CAP
Refund Rates for Annex Eggs
Export Refunds on Non-Annex Goods-Milk Products
Refund Rates for Products Processed From Fruits and Vegetables
Export Refunds on Non-Annex Goods-Cereal and Rice Products
Refund Rates for Annex and Milk and Milk Products

bullet1 Excise Duties

Excise Movement Control System (E.M.C.S.)

Frequently asked questions

General Information

bullet1 Vehicles

Vehicles from countries outside the European Union

Vehicles from member states of the European Union

Under relief from duties and taxes
Temporarily imported
Under relief from excise duties and VAT
Bringing it temporarily
On payment of VAT
On payment of Import Duty and VAT

bullet1 Publications



Temporary importation of pleasure boats
Amounts provided by Customs Legislation
Intellectual property rights
Transfer of normal residence from another member state of the European Union
Temporary importation of private motor vehicles
Transfer of normal residence from a country outside the European Union

Fees for the approval and operation of customs warehouses and tax warehouses
Overtime fees
Amounts provided for the granting of relief from duties and taxes
Licence fees for activities related to alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
Excise duties
Other fees
Fines provided by the customs legislation
Storage charges and delivery charges
Documents until 30/4/2016

bullet1 Service Desk

Exchange rates


Free Phone

Public service hours

Revenue of Customs & Excise Department

Sale of goods by public auctions


Temporary Importation
Lists of goods for sale
Simplified procedures
Excise Duties
Custom Warehouses
Free Zones
Check Points - Green Line
General information
Inward Processing - Outward Processing
Transit and Customs status of goods
Intellectual property rights
Pevious years' revenue tables
Traceability and Security features of tobacco products
Customs Electronic System forms

Paphos Customs
Amendments for 2008
Larnaca Customs
Limassol Customs
Nicosia Customs
Amendments for 2007

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