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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Household Budget Survey 2020

The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that it has launched the data collection for the Household Budget Survey 2020. The survey will cover 4.800 households in the urban and rural areas of Cyprus and is conducted according to the European Union Statistical Office (EUROSTAT) guidelines.

The main objective of the survey will be to analyse the changes in the pattern of household consumption expenditure, which will form the basis for both the revision of the weights of the Consumer Price Index and the revision of the “consumer basket”. Furthermore, the results of the survey will be used for the compilation of socio-economic indices and to study the household income and expenditure pattern by household category, as well as the structure of private final consumption expenditure for national accounts purposes.

All enumerators that participate in the survey have been trained for the completion of the questionnaires using the computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) method. Additionally they have been trained in the completion of diaries for the household daily expenses. The enumerators carry special identity cards of the Statistical Service.

The data collection phase will be evenly distributed over a period of 12 months beginning February 2020 and ending January 2021. More specifically, every 18 days the enumerators will visit approximately 240 households so that the data collected will represent the consumption trends and habits of the household throughout the year avoiding bias due to seasonality.

The survey is conducted according to the Statistics Law No. 15(I) of 2000. According to this Law, the Statistical Service is obliged to treat all the information collected as CONFIDENTIAL. The data collected will be used solely for general statistical purposes. The individual data of the household will not be disclosed to any person, organisation or other Government Department.

The success and the credibility of the survey depends on the cooperation of the public, therefore the Statistical Service of Cyprus invites the households which were randomly selected in the survey to cooperate with enumerators and provide all the information required.

For further enquiries you can contact the Officers in charge of the survey at the telephone numbers 22602157, 22605113 and 22602139.

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