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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service



1. Introduction
The Statistical Service of Cyprus has conducted a Census of Agriculture during the period October 2003 – March 2004. The Census covered the government controlled area of Cyprus and recorded all agricultural holdings with at least one decare of land, or half decare of greenhouse or one cow or two other large animals or five small animals or fifty poultries or twenty beehives.
The period of reference for crop production was 1 October 2002 – 30 September 2003 whereas the number of animals was recorded as at 1st of October, 2003.

2. Aim
The basic purpose of the census was to enumerate all agricultural holdings and to collect data so as to be able to monitor the evolution of the structure of holdings and agricultural sector. The statistical data gathered refer to:

a) The number of holdings at the level of district and community.
b) The various characteristics of holdings such as the legal status, the type of tenure, the kinds of crops grown and animals raised, the technology used, the cultivation techniques, etc.
c) The employment on holdings.

3. Preliminary Results

3.1 The preliminary results show the number of holdings reaching 45.199 of which the large majority (44.611) reported utilized agricultural land. The number of holdings without utilized agricultural land reached a mere 588 cases which comprises basically of holdings raising animals only.

3.2 The total area of utilized agricultural land is 1.563.785 decares, of which 1.097.420 decares are under annual crops and 407.873 decares are covered with permanent crops. An area of 53.985 decares was recorded as fallow land while 4.509 decares was used for kitchen gardens, rough grazing and pasture and meadow.

3.3 From the total utilized land, 687.636 decares were owner – farmed and 876.149 decares were reported as tenant, shared or other mode of tenure.

3.4 The total utilized land is divided into 222.917 plots. Thus, each agricultural holding comprises of 5 plots on average, with an average area of 7 decares per plot or 35 decares per holding.

3.5 The most important plantations recorded by the census were: cereals 738.459 decares, grapes 125.278 decares, olive trees 126.114 decares, citrus 48.652 decares, plantations for the production of nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc) 52.009 decares, and other fruit plantations 39.819 decares.

3.6 With respect to holdings growing animals, the census recorded 882 holdings raising pigs (433.038 pigs), 320 holdings raising cattle (61.053 animals), 1782 holdings raising sheep (262.243 sheep), 3.179 holdings raising goats (360.203 goats) and 9.449 holdings raising poultry (4,5 million chicken).

4. Final Results of the Census

The final results and detailed tables of the Census are expected to be available by September, 2004. The most important of these findings will be published on the website of the Statistical Service together with a comparison against the corresponding results of the previous Census of 1994. The full set of results will be published in a special publication of the Statistical Service which is expected to be ready around the end of 2004.

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