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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

New Publication: Registration of Motor Vehicles, Jan-Dec 2019

The Statistical Service announces the publication of the report entitled "Registration of Motor Vehicles" for the period January-December 2019.

The main developments during 2019, compared to 2018, were:

(a) The total registrations of motor vehicles decreased by 5,2% to 46.896 in 2019, from 49.450 vehicles in 2018.

(b) Passenger saloon cars decreased to 37.802, from 40.683 in 2018, i.e. there was a decrease of 7,1%. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 12.601 or 33,3% were new and 25.201 or 66,7% were used cars, compared to 32,3% and 67,7% respectively in 2018.

(c) Motor coaches and buses registered in 2019 decreased to 175, from 211 in 2018.

(d) Goods conveyance vehicles increased by 9,7% to 5.786 in 2019, compared to 5.275 in 2018. Light goods vehicles increased by 10,3% to 4.992 and heavy goods vehicles by 9,8% to 596, while road tractors (units of trailers) decreased by 4,3% to 198 in 2019.

(e) Mopeds < 50cc decreased by 8,8% to 280 in 2019, compared to 307 in 2018.

(f) Mechanised cycles > 50cc decreased by 4,3% to 2.433 in 2019, compared to 2.542 in 2018.

(g) European Union member countries were the main suppliers of motor vehicles in Cyprus during 2019. The EU accounted for 57,3% of the total registrations, while Japan΄s share stood at 26,8%.

It is available free of charge in electronic form on the website of the Statistical Service, under the section Publications of the Statistical Subtheme TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS.
Within the coming days, the paper publication will also be made available for sale from the Government Printing Office in Nicosia at the price of €10,00 per copy.




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