Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

New Publication: Social Protection in Cyprus, 2007

The Statistical Service announces that it has published the report “Social Protection in Cyprus 2007”.

The report is based on a survey in compliance with the European system and provides detailed data on the Social Protection expenditure of the public and private sector. Social Protection expenditure includes old age, sickness, disability, unemployment, housing and other categories of benefits.

In 2007, the social protection expenditure amounted to €2.880,4 million compared to €2.650,9 million in 2006, i.e. an increase of 8,7%. For the year 2007, the Social Protection expenditure as a percentage of GDP was 18,1%. In the European Union (EU 27) the corresponding percentage was on average 26,2%, in 2007.

Old age and sickness benefits in Cyprus were the major components of all Social benefits and comprised 41% and 25% respectively, of the total.

The overwhelming majority of the benefits originated from public sources. Specifically, in the year 2007, the public sources were 81,3% of the total Social Protection benefits.

The report is available free of charge, on the web site of the Statistical Service.

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