Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Latest Figures: Imports, Sales and Stocks of Petroleum Products, Oct 2020

In October 2020, the total sales of petroleum products amounted to 105.658 tonnes, recording a decrease of 21,2% compared to October 2019. A fall was observed in the provisions of aviation kerosene by 64,2% and in the sales of motor gasoline by 5,8% while a small increase was recorded in the sales of gasoil low sulphur by 0,9%. As far as the sales from filling stations are specifically concerned, these have registered a fall of 2,8% to 55.510 tonnes.

The total sales of petroleum products in October 2020 compared to September 2020 recorded a decrease of 4,7%. A fall was recorded in the sales of light fuel oil by 20,8%, motor gasoline by 11,8% and gasoil low sulphur by 7,4%. On the contrary, an increase was observed in the sales of kerosene and gasoil, heavy fuel oil, asphalt, as well as in the provisions of gasoil for marine use and aviation kerosene.

The total stocks of petroleum products at the end of October 2020 recorded a drop of 14,2% compared to the end of the previous month.

During the period January – October 2020, the total sales of petroleum products registered a decrease of 18,9% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.



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