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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


The Statistical Service announces that it has published the annual report ‘‘Cyprus External Trade Statistics (Volumes I-IV)’’ for 2005.

The report provides a comprehensive account of the commodity flows between Cyprus and its trading partner countries for 2005. It consists of four volumes. Volumes I, II and III include detailed quantity and value data on imports/arrivals classified by commodity for the H.S. Sections I-IX, X-XV and XVI-XXI respectively and by main trading partner. Volume IV includes detailed quantity and value data on exports/dispatches classified by commodity and by main trading partner.

The report also provides time series data on the development of Cyprus foreign trade. More detailed data are available at the Statistical Service.


Cyprus External Trade Statistics (Volume I), 2005
Imports/Arrivals by commodity and country (Sections I-IX)

Cyprus External Trade Statistics (Volume II), 2005
Imports/Arrivals by commodity and country (Sections X-XV)

Cyprus External Trade Statistics (Volume III), 2005
Imports/Arrivals by commodity and country (Sections XVI-XXI)

Cyprus External Trade Statistics (Volume IV), 2005
Exports/Dispatches by commodity and country

The four volumes are available free of charge in electronic form at the website of the Statistical Service. The paper publication will soon be available for sale from the Government Printing Office, at package price C£20,00 (4 volumes) or at C£10,00 each.

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