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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

New Publication: Registration of Motor Vehicles, Jan-Jul 2020

The Statistical Service announces the publication of the report entitled "Registration of Motor Vehicles" for the period January-July 2020.

In July 2020, the total registrations of motor vehicles numbered 4.227, recording a decrease of 8,9% compared to July 2019. Passenger saloon cars registered a fall of 13,0% to 3.230.

The main developments during the period January-July 2020 compared to the corresponding period of 2019 are summarised as follows:

(a) The total registrations of motor vehicles decreased by 22,6% to 21.752 in January-July 2020, from 28.088 in January-July 2019.

(b) Passenger saloon cars decreased to 16.863 from 22.816 in January-July 2019, recording a fall of 26,1%. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 6.078 or 36,0% were new and 10.785 or 64,0% were used cars.

(c) Goods conveyance vehicles decreased by 17,5% to 2.672 in January-July 2020, compared to 3.239 in January-July 2019. In particular, light goods vehicles decreased by 18,6% to 2.260, heavy goods vehicles by 6,7% to 318 and road tractors (units of trailers) by 21,7% to 94.

(d) Mopeds < 50cc recorded a decrease of 41,9% to 108 in January-July 2020, compared to 186 in the corresponding period of the previous year.

(e) Mechanised cycles > 50cc increased to 1.667 in January-July 2020, compared to 1.477 in January-July 2019, recording an increase of 12,9%.

The report can be purchased at €10,00 per copy. It is also available free of charge in electronic form on the website of the Statistical Service, under the section Publications of the Statistical Subtheme TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS.




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