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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Latest Figures: Consumer Prices Index, Jan 2013

The Consumer Price Index for January 2013 decreased by 1,07 units or 0,89% to 119,19 units compared to 120,26 in December 2012. This is mainly due to decreases in the prices of clothing and footwear items due to the winter sales as well as to decreases in the prices of potatoes and gas. Increases have been recorded in the prices of certain fresh vegetables as well as to increases in the prices of petrol and diesel for motor cars and cigarettes and tobacco due to increases in the excise taxes. Small increases were also observed in several products and services due to the change in the value added tax from 17% to 18% since 14 January.

The rate of increase of the Index, and therefore the rate of inflation, for January 2013 amounted to 1,8% compared to 1,1% in December 2012 and 3,1% in January 2012.


CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (Evolution of Index by Month)

CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (Comparison with corresponding month)

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