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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Census of Agriculture 2010

The Statistical Service announces that all preparations have been completed for the Census of Agriculture starting on Wednesday 8th of September and which is the sixth census after independence.

The enumerators have been trained for the completion of the questionnaires, the enumeration areas were distributed to them and they were issued special identity cards indicating that they are authorized to collect the census data.

The Census will have a duration of approximately four months and will cover all holders of agricultural land and/or animals, both Cypriots and non-Cypriots, in the government controlled area of Cyprus.

It is emphasized that all data will be collected in the context of the relevant regulation of the European Union and in the context of the Statistics Law 15(I)2000. Thus, the provision of information on behalf of agricultural holders in compulsory, whereas the Statistical Service is required to treat all such information as confidential. All collected data will be used exclusively for statistical purposes only.

The Statistical Service calls upon the general public to co-operate with the enumerators as such co-operation is an important pre-requisite for the success of the census. The information gathered in the Census will assist the evaluation of existing programmes and will contribute to the necessary policy formulation and to the implementation of necessary measures for other socio-economic plans.

Further information is available at the central office of the Statistical Service in Nicosia or the Census Offices which operate in all towns.

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