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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


- The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that after two weeks since the census of population started, the door to door enumeration is conducted smoothly, with no particular problems, with the public co-operating and responding positively. About 8.000 housing units are enumerated daily covering about 20.000 inhabitants.

- The census data are collected by authorized employees who visit the households in convenient hours and there is no need for anybody to change daily habits and schedules. Repeated calls will be made to absent households to ensure that a convenient time is arranged for the completion of the census questionnaire. It is repeated that the census will last until the end of November and therefore there is time for the enumeration of all resident population.

- It is reminded that in every house all members of the household having their usual residence at the place should be reported, with persons absent temporarily also to be included (i.e. students abroad, sailors, working temporarily abroad, patients in clinics etc.).

- The census aims to enumerate both Cypriots and non-Cypriots who live or intend to live in Cyprus for more than a year. It is therefore intended to enumerate in addition to the foreigners permanently residing in Cyprus and all other non-Cypriots (students, workers etc.) whose duration of stay in Cyprus exceeds or will exceed one year.

- The Statistical Service assures everybody that all data and information collected during the census are treated as confidential; nobody has access to personal data which are used only for statistical purposes.

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