Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Latest Figures: Registered Unemployed, Feb 2013

The unemployed persons, registered at the District Labour Offices on the last day of February 2013, reached 46.109 persons. Based on the seasonally adjusted data that shows the trend of unemployment, the number of registered unemployed for February 2013 increased to 40.723 persons in comparison to 40.340 in the previous month.

In comparison with February 2012, an increase of 8.235 persons or 21,7% was recorded which was mainly observed in the sectors of trade (an increase of 1.982 unemployed persons), accommodation and food service activities (an increase of 1.436), public administration (an increase of 961), construction (an increase of 679), manufacturing (an increase of 646), as well as to newcomers in the labour market where an increase of 630 unemployed persons was recorded.



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