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The Statistical Service announces that it has published the annual report “Statistics of Education” for the school year 1998/99. The report provides detailed information regarding the number of educational institutions, pupils/students, teaching and non-teaching personnel and expenditure, at each level of education as well as Cypriot students abroad.

2. The main data included in the report are:

· At all levels of education, there were 1.214 educational institutions, 164.548 full-time pupils/students and 11.255 teachers giving a pupil/teacher ratio of 14,6.

· Of the total number of pupils/students, 80,2% were enrolled in public schools and 19,8% in private schools.

· The enrolments of pupils/students by level of education were as follows: pre-primary 26.969, primary 63.834, secondary 62.366, third level 10.842 and special education 537. Another 121.974 pupils and adults attended lessons in part-time institutes and other non-formal education programmes.

· Cypriot students abroad totalled 12.488 during the academic year 1998/99. Their distribution by level of education was as follows: Undergraduate 10.831 or 86,7%, postgraduate 1.278 or 10,3%, non-university higher 341 or 2,7%, vocational 12 or 0,1% and preparatory 26 or 0,2%. The most popular fields of study were: Commercial and Business Administration, Medical and Paramedical, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering/Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science and Fine Arts. The main countries of study were Greece, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Hungary, Russian Federation, Bulgaria and Germany.

· Expenditure on all levels of education, both public and private stood at £400.6 million. The current cost per pupil/student by level of education was as follows: Pre-primary £786, primary £1.067, secondary £1.856, third level £2.640 and special education £5.907.

3. The report is available from the Government Printing Office at the price of £8.00 per copy.

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