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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

New Publication: Demographic Report, 2010 - 2011

The Statistical Service announces that it has published the “Demographic Report” for the years 2010 and 2011. The report gives, inter alia, an account of population developments and provides data on a time series basis on fertility, mortality, marriages, divorces and migration.

The most salient demographic developments during 2011 can be summarized as follows:

(a) The population in the Government controlled area is estimated at 862,0 thousands at the end of 2011 compared to 839,8 thousands in the previous year, recording an increase of 2,6%. The population increase in 2011 is mainly explained by the net migration balance (18.142 persons) and to a lesser extent by the natural increase (4.118 persons).

(b) In 2011 the number of births totalled 9.622 compared to 9.801 in 2010. The total fertility rate, which gives the mean number of children per woman was estimated at 1,35 in 2011 and has, since 1995, remained below the replacement level of 2,10.

(c) The number of deaths reached 5.504 in 2011 compared to 5.103 in 2010.

(d) The expectation of life at birth is estimated at 79,0 years for males and 82,9 for females for the period 2010/11.

(e) In 2011 the number of marriages increased to 13.248 from 12.851 in 2010. Ecclesiastical marriages increased from 3.955 in 2010, to 4.025 in 2011, and civil marriages also increased from 8.896 in 2010 to 9.223 in 2011.

(f) In 2011 the number of divorces reached 1.934 from 1.929 in 2010.

The Demographic Report can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Statistical Service under the section. The paper publication will later be available for sale at the Government Printing Office in Lefkosia at the price of €10,00 per copy.



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