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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


The Statistical Service announces that it has published the annual report “Construction and Housing Statistics, 2000”. The report provides data, inter alia, on the output, capital formation, inputs, new dwellings completed, building permits and price indices of labour cost and materials, for the construction sector.

2. The main developments in the Construction sector in 2000 were:

(a) The sector recorded a negative rate of growth of 2,2% in 2000 compared to a negative rate of 0,7% in 1999. This is attributed mostly to the lower rate of growth of civil engineering projects of the sector.

(b) Gross output, at current market prices, increased by 0,8% and reached £677,3 million in 2000 compared to £ 671,6 million in 1999. Of the gross output, 42% was for dwellings, 23% for non-residential buildings (hotels, shops, offices, factories etc), 22% for civil engineering projects (roads, dams etc) and the remaining 13% accounted for repairs.

(c) Labour cost during 2000 increased by 5,2% compared to 1999. The overall price index of construction materials increased by 3,6% over 1999.

(d) New dwellings completed in 2000 decreased by 19,7% and amounted to 5.083 units compared to 6.327 in the previous year. The average area per dwelling completed in 2000 was 218 square metres for houses and 121 square metres for apartments compared to 220 and 120 in 1999.

(e) Employment in the sector increased from 24,2 thousand persons in 1999 to 24,5 thousand in 2000 and accounted for 8,2% of the total gainfully employed population.

3. The Report is available from the Government Printing Office in Nicosia at the price of C£ 7,00.

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