Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Survey Results: Treatment of Waste in Industrial Enterprises, 2008

On the basis of the results of the Survey on the Treatment of Waste in Enterprises carried out by the Statistical Service, the quantity of waste generated by industrial enterprises during 2008 amounted to 1.092 thousand tonnes, of which 13 thousand were incinerated, 641 thousand were recovered and 437 thousand were disposed or deposited in specially designed sites. Hazardous waste constituted 0,4% of the total quantity of waste generated.

By sector of economic activity, the manufacturing industries generated 138 thousand tonnes of waste, the mining and quarrying industries 505 thousand tonnes, the electricity and water supply enterprises and the enterprises engaged in sewerage, waste management and remediation activities 18 thousand tonnes and the construction enterprises 431 thousand tonnes. In the manufacturing sector, the largest amounts of waste generation are reported in the manufacturing of food products and non-metallic mineral products branches.

By type of waste, mineral wastes amounted to 884 thousand tonnes, dredging spoils to 61 thousand tonnes, mixed and undifferentiated materials to 32 thousand tonnes, metallic wastes to 16 thousand tonnes, animal waste of food preparation and products to 14 thousand tonnes and paper and cardboard wastes to 14 thousand tonnes.



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