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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


The Statistical Service announces the issue of the preliminary results of the Census of Enterprises which was carried out in 2005.

The main findings of the Census are summarised below:

1. The Census of Enterprises covered all sectors of the economy (except agriculture and fishing). The Census enumerated 67 thousand enterprises with 76.500 establishments which employed 314 thousand persons.

2. The size of the Cypriot enterprises was and remains very small with only 4,7 persons employed on average per enterprise. 60% of the enterprises employ only one person, 34% employ 2-9 persons, 5% have 10-49 and only 1% employ 50 or more employees.

3. The sectors with the largest employment were the wholesale and retail trade where 62.000 persons were employed, the hotels and restaurants sector with 38.000 persons, the sector of manufacturing with 36.000 employees and the construction sector which provides employment for 32.000 persons.

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