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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


The Statistical Service announces the results of the annual survey ‘Information and Communication Technologies Usage and E-Commerce in Enterprises 2008’. The survey was carried out for the fifth consecutive year in all the member states of the European Union.

The survey covered 1.437 enterprises with 10 or more employees in specific categories of economic activity. It covered all the government controlled areas of the Republic of Cyprus. The data were collected with personal interviews.

The main results of the survey are the following:
- The percentage of enterprises using a computer in 2008 is 94,4%, almost the same compared to 2007. All large (250 employees or more) and medium size enterprises (50-249 employees) are using computers.
- 20% of enterprises have intranet.
- 89,0% of enterprises have access to the Internet. The Internet is used in all large and almost all medium enterprises. In small enterprises (10-49 employees) there is a continuous increase in Internet usage (from 82,3% in 2004 to 87,0% in 2008).
- In the recent years there has been a steady increase in broadband connections to the Internet. In 2008, 88,6% of the enterprises with access to the Internet had a broadband connection.
- 47,9% of enterprises have a website.
- 11,1% of enterprises are using Automated Data Exchange, mainly for exchanging information on products.
- Only 7,6% of enterprises are regularly sharing information electronically on the Supply Chain Management with either their suppliers or their customers.
- 18,8% of enterprises have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
- 19,4% of enterprises have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application for managing information about clients.
- With regard to e-Commerce, an increase was observed in the percentage of enterprises that accepted orders via computer networks, from 6,4% in 2007 to 7,1% in 2008.
- Only in 9,4% of the enterprises that received electronic orders during 2007, the value of the turnover resulted from those orders, represented more than 50% of their total turnover.

A report with the summary results is available under the section Publications.

The results for all member states will be published on the website of Eurostat (, on 9th December 2008.

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