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Release Calendar

The Release Calendar is updated every Friday and contains the following:
(a) Confirmed announcements (Green colour): announcements which are scheduled to be released in the following week.
(b) Preliminary announcements (Brown colour): announcements to be released until the end of the year.
(c) Published announcements (Blue colour): published announcements.

The current reference week is: 21 - 25 September 2020.

Last Update: 18 September 2020.


Open Acrobat Reader File Release Calendar (Sep 2019 - Dec 2020) - 18/09/2020 (738,95 Kb)

Open Acrobat Reader File List of Scheduled Revisions (557,06 Kb)

Δημοσίευση Announced   Επιβεβαιωμένη Confirmed date   Προκαταρκτική Preliminary date

02/09/2020 Corrected Announcement: Industrial Output Prices Index, July 2020
03/09/2020 Latest Figures: Registered Unemployed, Aug 2020
03/09/2020 Latest Figures: Consumer Prices Index, Aug 2020
04/09/2020 Latest Figures: Employment (National Accounts), 2nd Quarter 2020
07/09/2020 European Statistics Competition, European Phase 2020 - Final Results
08/09/2020 New Publication: Registration of Motor Vehicles, Jan-Aug 2020
09/09/2020 Foreign Trade Statistics, June 2020 (Final Data) and July 2020 (Provisional Data)
10/09/2020 Latest Figures: Sales of Industrial Commodities by Type, 2015-2018
11/09/2020 Latest Figures: Government Employment by Category, Aug 2020
14/09/2020 Latest Figures: Employment in the Broad Public Sector, 2nd Quarter 2020
14/09/2020 Latest Figures: Job Vacancies, 2nd Quarter 2020
17/09/2020 Latest Figures: Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices, Aug 2020
17/09/2020 Latest Figures: Residents of Cyprus Travelling Abroad, Aug 2020
17/09/2020 Latest Figures: Tourist Arrivals, Aug 2020
18/09/2020 Latest Figures: Price Index of Construction Materials, Aug 2020
21/09/2020 Latest Figures: Industrial Turnover Index, June 2020
21/09/2020 New Electronic Publication: Intra-Extra E.U. Trade Statistics (by commodity and country), Jan-Jun 2020
22/09/2020 Latest Figures: Turnover Value Index of Wholesale and Retail Trade and Repair of Motor Vehicles, 2nd Quarter 2020
22/09/2020 Latest Figures: Turnover Value Index of Wholesale Trade Except of Motor Vehicles, 2nd Quarter 2020
23/09/2020 Latest Figures: Building Permits, June 2020
24/09/2020 Census of Agriculture 2020
25/09/2020 Latest Figures: Turnover Value Index of Retail Trade Except of Motor Vehicles, July 2020
25/09/2020 Latest Figures: Turnover Volume Index of Retail Trade Except of Motor Vehicles, July 2020
28/09/2020 Latest Figures: Average Monthly Earnings of Employees by Quarter, 2nd Quarter 2020
28/09/2020 Latest Figures: Imports, Sales and Stocks of Petroleum Products, Aug 2020
29/09/2020 Latest Figures: Index of Industrial Production, July 2020
29/09/2020 Latest Figures: Revenue from Tourism, July 2020
30/09/2020 Latest Figures: Fiscal Accounts of General Government, Jan-Aug 2020
30/09/2020 Latest Figures: Industrial Output Prices Index, Aug 2020

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