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Republic of Cyprus
Expired Lottery Draws Results

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Lottery Number 1/2020 (Date 22/01/2020)
Lottery Number 2/2020 (Date 05/02/2020)
Lottery Number 3/2020 (Date 19/02/2020)
Lottery Number 4/2020 (Date 04/03/2020)
Lottery Number 5/2020 (Date 01/07/2020)
Lottery Number 6/2020 (Date 02/09/2020)
Lottery Number 7/2020 (Date 16/09/2020)
Lottery Number 8/2020 (Date 30/09/2020)
Lottery Number 9/2020 (Date 14/10/2020)
Lottery Number 10/2020 (Date 30/12/2020)
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