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Data Submission

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Note:Even though the ArrangementID and DisclosureID fields are mandatory in the reporting schema, those fields should be left empty for the initial reports. The schema will be accepted with No tag and Null tag - both <ArrangementID></ArrangementID> and <ArrangementID/>
The ArrangementID και DisclosureID will be issued by the Tax Department and will be communicated to the interested Intermediary/Taxpayer by email so that they can be used in case of corrections or filing of new disclosures on the same arrangement.

1Download Excel fileBusiness rules validation by the European Commission Central Directory
1Download Acrobat fileXSD User Guide DAC6 Central Directory
1Download rar fileDAC6 XML Schema
1Download XML fileDac6_Sample.xml
1Download Acrobat fileInstructions for editing the DAC6 sample file via the free Notepad ++ editor

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