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Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus

The standard way of awarding contracts is through competitive tendering. Within competitive tendering there are different types of public procurement procedures.
    Ø Open procedure
In an open procedure anyone may submit a full tender. This procedure is used most frequently.
    Ø Restricted procedure
Anyone may ask to participate in a restricted procedure, but only those who are pre-selected may submit tenders.
    Ø Competitive negotiated procedure
In competitive negotiated procedures anyone may ask to participate, but only those who are pre-selected will be invited to submit initial tenders and to negotiate.
Procuring entities can only use this procedure when negotiations are necessary due to the specific or complicated nature of the purchase however, the procuring entities in the defence and security, water, energy, transport and postal services sectors may use it as a standard procedure.
    Ø Competitive dialogue
This procedure can be used by a contracting authority with the aim of proposing a method of addressing a need defined by the contracting authority.
    Ø Innovation partnership
This procedure may be used when there is a need to purchase a good or service that is still unavailable on the market. A number of companies may participate throughout the process.
    · Additional tendering techniques

Depending on the circumstances and needs a contracting authority may:
    Ø sign a framework agreement with one or a number of companies for tenders requiring recurring purchases
    Ø when using the restricted procedure - authorise the use of the electronic dynamic purchasing system for making recurring purchases
    Ø decide that to get the best offer, the final choice of the winner will be made through an electronic auction.

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