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Presentation of research results on women's involvement in betting and gambling

The National Betting Authority presented the results of a pan-Cypriot survey conducted on the issue of women's involvement in betting and gambling in Cyprus.

The aim of the research was to record general opinions and perceptions, to record women's involvement in betting and gambling, as well as to record the percentage of women's problematic involvement.

The survey was conducted by IMR/University of Nicosia on a representative sample of 1000 women aged 18 and over, from urban and rural areas throughout Cyprus through telephone interviews.

Click the link below for the survey findings:

Presentation of the results of a Pan-Cypriot Quantitative Survey

The National Gambling Authority presents the comprehensive results of the first pan-Cypriot quantitative survey on the influence, behavior and characteristics of gambling users.

The objectives of the research were to record the degree of participation in gambling, to determine the percentage of problematic involvement in society, to study the social and demographic characteristics of the players, the frequency with which they engage in the game of chance, the budget and the actual costs of participation their.

The public's knowledge of legal and illegal gambling and the risks of addiction were also investigated and the different profiles of gamblers were analysed, with an emphasis on gamblers categorized as pathological.

The survey was conducted by IMR and the University of Nicosia, between November 2017 and January 2018, with personal interviews of a random sample of 3,000 people, aged 15 and over, throughout Cyprus.

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