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Customs and Excise Department

ICS system enables Economic Operators to submit electronically the Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) for which there is a provision in the Customs Code (Reg. 2913/92 as it has been amended by Reg. 648/05) and in the Implementing Provisions (Reg. 2454/93 it has been amended by Reg. 1875/06, 312/09 and 414/09).

According to the legislation the obligation to submit electronically the ENS started on 01/7/2009. A transitional period (01.07.2009 - 31.12.2010) is provided in Reg. 273/09 to enable the Economic Operators to develop their systems.

ICS system will be supported by a Risk Analysis system for selection of goods for control or for a “Do not Load” message.

ICS system will support the exchange of messages between EU member states for goods for which a risk is identified.

The objective of ICS system is to improve the safety and security of Imports in Europe.

For more information regarding safety and security amendments to the Community Customs Code visit eu website:

Cyprus has already accepted the operation of an Office of Lodgement. For more information click here.
For obtaining access and connection with the Cyprus ICS (pilot-testing system or production environment) click accordingly.

Economic Operators can find here document which contains explanatory notes for the fields in Entry Summary Declaration. It can also be found Annex 30A of Regulation 2454/93 which is relevant.


Functional specifications

Technical specifications for the economic operators

Fallback Procedures

Older version of documents

Code lists for ICS messages

Frequently asked questions for ICS

Registration Procedure for obtaining access in ICS


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