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The HPGP (Hourly-Paid Governmental Personnel) consist of the hourly-paid personnel who are hired by and work for the public service, are paid on the basis of the accrued workhours, and perform manual work.
The HPGP is divided in the following categories:
· Regular HPGP: personnel hired to fill either new positions that were created in the Budget or positions that already exist in the Budget, and which have completed 52 weeks of continuous employment as Temporary HPGP.
· Temporary HPGP: personnel hired to fill either new positions that were created in the Budget or positions that already exist in the Budget, and which have not yet completed 52 weeks of continuous employment.
· Seasonal HPGP: personnel hired for a specified amount of time, for carrying out specific tasks.

The HPGP are paid on a monthly basis. They usually work 38 hours per week, which is equivalent to 165,12 hours per month. The monthly hours are calculated based on the following formula:

Hours per week Χ 52,14

The members of the HPGP are allocated to the respective salary levels according to their professions, which are ascertained by the Public Administration and Personnel Department (PAPD). For each salary level, an hourly wage is established, in the form of an amount per workhour which is ascertained by a PAPD Circular.

The hourly wage of the HPGP is readjusted due to:
Ø fluctuations in the cost of living allowance (every January and July);
Ø granting of general salary increases (whenever this is decided by the Mixed Working Committee (MWC))
Ø salary increments that are gained (every April)
Those HPGP that are members of the HPGP Healthcare and Wellbeing Plan are entitled to sick leave. An exception to this are those firefighters who work in rural areas and are not members of the HPGP Healthcare and Wellbeing Plan.
The members of the Regular HPGP are entitled to 40 workdays of sick leave, which can be increased to 80 following a relevant approval by the Medical Council during the year. The Temporary HPGP are entitled to sick leave on a pro rata basis according to the duration of their employment, 25 workdays per year.
The first day of sick leave is not paid, neither for the Regular nor for the Temporary HPGP.
According to Reg. 41, the HPGP are entitled to an annual salary increment every 1st of April. The amount of the annual salary increment is ascertained by the relevant PAPD Circular. It should be clarified that those Temporary HPGP with continuous employment less than 52 weeks are entitled to a pro rata salary increment, on the condition that they were employed as of 31st December of the previous year. Those HPGP who were absent from their employment due to unpaid leave or sick leave and were being paid from the Social Insurance Fund are also entitled to a proportion of the salary increment.
The HPGP are governed by:
· Regulations for HPGP Employment Conditions
· PAPD Circulars
· MWC Decisions

The forms used are the following:
· Γ.Λ.43 – HPGP Personal Details
· Γ.Λ.43Α - HPGP Personal Details Change Form
· Γ.Λ.43Β.Τ.– Registration of the hours worked by the Regular HPGP
· Γ.Λ.43Β.Ε. – Registration of the hours worked by the Temporary/Seasonal HPGP
· Γ.Λ.43Γ- Registration of the hours of sick leave taken by the HPGP
The HPGP are entitled to the following allowances:
· Supervision allowance
· Pole Climbing allowance
· Weekend allowance
· Weekend and Night allowance
· Shift allowance

For the Supervision and Pole Climbing allowances, an amount is established through a PAPD Circular at the beginning of each year, while the rest of the allowances are paid out based on a percentage that is added to the hourly wage of the employee who is entitled to it.
Said allowances have been reduced according to the applicable Budget Laws, starting from 2013.