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Registration to the Tax Department
Need to submit to the district Tax Offices, or send via email to the district Offices, the following forms, originally signed by the applicant or an authorized representative (original authorization document required):
1. Registration for Direct Taxation: Form TD2001
2. Registration for VAT purposes: Forms TD2001 and ΤΦ1101 (available only in Greek). Evidence confirming your taxable transactions in Cyprus is needed (e.g. copy of contract, invoice related to activities etc.), is needed.

Additional information is required as follows:

i) Cypriot Citizen: copy of Identity Card
ii) European Citizen - resident of Cyprus: copy of "Registration Certificate" from the Department of Civil Registry and Migration (CRMD)
iii) Non-European Citizen - resident of Cyprus: copy of "Residence Card" from the Department of Civil Registry and Migration (CRMD)
iv) Foreign resident: a letter explaining the reasons requesting registration with a copy of an official document of the foreign country indicating tax identification number, or political identity number, or social security number.

i) Companies: Certificates (copies) from the Registrar of Companies:
(a) Incorporation or registration
(b) Registered Office address
(c) Directors / Secretary
(d) Shareholders
ii) Partnerships: Registration Certificate (copy) and VAT form 102 (available only in Greek).
iii) Legal entities, NOT registered in the Cyprus Authorities Registry: Identification documents (in Greek or in English) by an official foreign Authority, responsible for legal entities (e.g. certificate of incorporation of registration, certificate of Directors and Secretary and a signed letter by the applicant or an authorized representative, explaining the reasons requesting registration.
iv) Companies registered in Cyprus, with their main business activities abroad (VAT registration only): Questionnaire (available only in Greek).
v) Trademark (VAT registration only): Trademark Registration Certificate (copy)

For more information about VAT Registration click here

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