Government Printing Office

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website of the Printing Office of the Republic of Cyprus. The citizens of any contemporary information society need to have an immediate access to the legislation and the decisions of the administration. Such information is available at our website, which is updated on a regular basis, and includes among other, all the editions of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus up until the previous month while at the same time, it offers users the possibility to search for previous editions of the Official Gazette.

The Printing Office is responsible for making available any government editions, such as the Statistical editions, Laws, the decisions of the Supreme Court and the minutes of the House of Representatives. A full list of the said government editions is available at our website.

Our goal is to facilitate the process of acquiring easy access to all information which is of interest to citizens. In this respect, our website provides information in regards to: job opportunities for the civil service published in the Official Gazette, tenderers, lawyers, semi-governmental organizations and local authorities.

The Printing Office of the Republic of Cyprus undergoes a continuous process of modernization by utilizing modern technologies which have revolutionized printing. The accumulated know-how of human resources, the speed as well as capabilities of the information technology, contribute to fulfill our mission adequately and efficiently.

With friendly greetings

Adonis Christofi
Deputy Director

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