Government Printing Office

The Government Printing Office mission is primarily to print and sell of the Official Gazette and other government publications as well as to cover the printing needs and supply stationery and other office materials to the Civil Service.

The main activities of the Government Printing Office are:

  • Printing of the Official Gazette, the State Budget, the Semi-government Organizations Budgets, the Minutes of the House of Representatives, the Annual Report of the Auditor General, the Financial Report, various publications of the government departments, school books, Legislation and all the forms used by the Civil Service.
  • Printing of security items such as the Lottery, Circulation Licenses and titles of the motor vehicles, Driving Licenses, International Driving Licenses, Saving Certificates, Government Stocks and the ballot papers for the presidential, parliamentary and the local elections.
  • Stocking and supply of the government departments with stationery, paper and forms.
  • Distribute the Official Gazette and sells all the government publications.
  • Advise the government departments on tenders for printing works.

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