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The Inland Revenue Department wishes to announce that the immovable property tax for 2013 is due for payment until the 15th of November this year.

All companies, organizations or individuals, either residing in Cyprus or abroad, who had immovable property registered in their name in Cyprus as at 1.1.2013, are obliged to file a Declaration (IR 303) and pay the resulting Immovable Property tax (IPT).

The I.P.T.can be paid either by submitting your own declaration (IR303) which is available at the web page or by presenting the tax bill that it will be issued and posted in the next two months.

The Inland Revenue is currently in the process of making available the payment electronically. An announcement will be made in due course.

The Inland Revenue Department would like to bring to your attention that if the I.P.T is paid by the 16.10.2013 a discount of 10% on the tax paid will be allowed. Any I.P.T. paid after 15.11.2013 will have a 10% penalty plus interest and any other administrative charges imposed by the law.

For further information please refer to the immovable property tax section at the district Inland Revenue offices where your tax file is kept.

The Inland Revenue of Cyprus is looking forward for your co-operation and your timely response in order to avoid unnecessary delays

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