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The Cyprus Tax Department was established on July 1, 2014, in accordance with Law 70 (I) / 2014, which provides for the integration of the Department of Inland Revenue and the Value Added Tax Service. The establishment of the new unified Department took place in the framework of structural changes, for the rationalisation of the Public Administration and offering better service to the citizens. The integration of the two Tax Departments is progressing and has not yet been completed.

Integration, along with the strengthening of the legislative framework, the simplification of procedures and the modernisation of the IT systems, is expected to enhance the efficiency of the Cyprus Tax Department. Some of the benefits expected to result from the integration are the provision of improved services, the increase in tax revenues, minimization of compliance costs, and fair treatment of taxpayers.

A new organisational structure was created and all the staff of the VAT Service and the Inland Revenue Department were transferred positioned under the new Units. In December 2015, the Cyprus Tax Department was staffed with 540 IRD / VAT Officers. The Department is additionally staffed with administration and other supporting staff, who are assigned by the Public Administration and Personnel Department.

The Cyprus Tax Department is responsible for the implementation of the Laws on Direct and Indirect (VAT) Taxation, the collection of government revenues deriving from these Laws, the implementation of Double Tax Agreements between the Republic of Cyprus and other countries, the Exchange of Information on Tax Matters on the basis of European Directives and other International Conventions.

Tax Commissioners :

Mr Soteris A. Markides: From 01.07.2022

Mr Georgios Pantelis: From 07.07.2021 until 30.06.2022 (the powers and duties of the Tax Commissioner were exercised by the General Director of the Ministry of Finance_ Ν116/2021 )

Mr. Yiannis Tsangaris: From 20.02.2016 until 06.07.2021

Mr. Yiannakis Lazarou: From 01.07.2014 until 20.02.2016

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