- Policy Proposals for a Public Investment Management Framework (PPP incl.).

- Independent evaluation of Project Concept Notes (PCNs), for Projects > € 2 million from National Funds, European Funds and from Public Law Organizations.

- Independent Evaluation of Value for Money Studies for PPP projects.

- Independent evaluation of Feasibility Studies for projects > €15 million.

- Training of government staff in the new investment project evaluation guidelines.

- Government Strategy Statement.

- Monitoring the Implementation of the Long-term Sustainable Development Strategy.

- Support to the Economy and Competitiveness Council, including on the strategy for sustainable long-term growth.

- Technical support for Procurement procedures of DG Growth.

Responsible Officers

Panayiota NicolaouSecretary22602817pnicolaou@papd.mof.gov.cy
Stella ZapitiSenior Growth Officer22602837szapiti@mof.gov.cy
Toula PatsaliSenior Growth Officer22602891tpatsali@mof.gov.cy
Alexis PourosSenior Growth Officer22602894apouros@mof.gov.cy
Christos PapageorgiouGrowth Officer A'22602944cpapageorgiou@mof.gov.cy
Petros AttasGrowth Officer A'22602903pattas@mof.gov.cy
Savvas ZannetosGrowth Officer A'22602874szannetos@mof.gov.cy
Andreas ChrysostomouGrowth Officer22602882achrysostomou@mof.gov.cy
Josephina SkordiGrowth Officer22602843iskordi@mof.gov.cy
Andreas KonstantinouGrowth Officer22602824akonstantinou@mof.gov.cy