European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC), also known as Interreg, is one of the objectives of the Cohesion Policy and aims to promote economic, social and territorial cohesion between EU Member States, thus contributing to harmonious development throughout the EU.
It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and supports Cross-Border, Transnational and Interregional Cooperation Programmes.
The purpose of the ETC is to promote cooperation without borders by providing the framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional and local bodies from the various EU Member States in order to address common problems and challenges. In addition, it also supports the cooperation of Member States with non-Member States as well as countries in the process of joining the EU.
For the participation of Cyprus in the cross-border and transnational dimension of the ETC Programmes, the amount of €37,2 million has been allocated from its Cohesion Policy funds for the programming period 2021-2027. The aforementioned amount has been allocated for the participation of Cyprus to the following Programmes:

    • Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Interreg VI-A Greece – Cyprus
    • Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Euro-Med
    • Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Next Med
In addition, Cyprus will participate in the Interregional Programmes URBACT, ESPON, Interact and Interreg Europe for which there is no EU allocation per country, but per Programme.
In the projects under the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs) can also participate, which are a legal tool applicable in all Member States from 1st of August 1, 2007 and are defined by Article 2(16) of the Regulation (EU) No. 1302/2013. The EGTC is an optional tool to be used by public organizations that wish to develop projects and activities of common interest in the field of territorial cooperation, in accordance with articles 1 and 7 of the relevant Regulation. For more information click on the EGTC Guide, which is available in Greek only.
The Directorate General Growth, Ministry of Finance has been assigned as National Authority and National Contact Point for the ETC Programmes.

Contact info
Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Interreg VI-A Greece – Cyprus

Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Next Med
Constantia Constantinou

Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Euro-Med

Interregional Cooperation Programme Interreg Europe
Marilena Ayiomamitou

Interact IV Programme

European Grouping Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)
Pambos Charalambous

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More information about the ETC Programmes and funding opportunities can be found on the European Funds Portal 2021-2027